Sunday • CLOSED

Monday • 9AM-3PM (3-4 with prior booking)


Tuesday • 9AM-5PM (5-6 with prior booking)


Wednesday • 11AM-3PM (Limited Availability)


Thursday • 10AM-6PM (6-7 with prior booking)


Friday • 10AM-6PM (6-7 with prior booking)


Saturday • 9AM-6PM (6-7 with prior booking)

After Hours Appointments Available

Destinations Holiday Hours:

Memorial Day, May 31st • CLOSED

Independence Day, July 4th • CLOSED

Labor Day, Sept 6th • CLOSED

November 24th • 10AM-3PM

Thanksgiving Day • CLOSED

Christmas Eve • 9AM-3PM

Christmas Day • CLOSED

New Years Eve • 10AM-4PM

New Years Day 2022 •12PM- 5PM

January 3rd 2022 • CLOSED

February 12th -14th 2022 • 10AM-9PM

February 15th & 16th 2022 • CLOSED

Your safety and those who provide talents at destinations is of our utmost importance, If inclement weather or power outage occurs, please expect destinations to be closed. We ask for you to call for communications but if no one is available to answer the phones - ASSUME we are closed. Those whose appointments that were disturbed will be contacted once we are able to reopen, and we will re-book your spa service.

We appreciate you and look forward to seeing you! 

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Frequently asked questions

Before Calling to Book Appointment

1) Do you know what service / services you would like to experience with DDS?

2) Will it just be you or will another/ others be joining you? (Do they know what service(s) they desire to experience?) Is this a surprise for someone (if so, please let us know- as text reminders are sent out)

3) Do you have a date that you would like to come?
4) Do you have a time of day you will need to plan visit? 5) Have you (those joining you) experienced your desired service(s) before? 6) At DDS we have a wide array of licensed talent waiting to serve you- Will you allow us to pair you with specialist that we feel will meet your need/expectation? (this does offer more flexibility for your requested bookings) or would you prefer to make that decision? We have both male and female Specialist- is there a preference? 7) Whom will be responsible party for payment/ prepayment of service(s)? There will need to be a card on file for each service booked – received time of BOOKING. We suggest groups/parties to have each paying guest call and book for themselves. (This allows for clearer communications and less room for errors. It also allows us to get a contact number for text reminders) Our goal is to exceed each guest expectations not just the
guest whom booked it.

Prior to Appointment

1) You should receive a text that reminds you of appointment. It will allow you to confirm, stop, or help by texting a reply. If you need to cancel appointment you must call spa landline at 501-525-3400
2) DDS has cancellation policy of 24hrs-48 hrs prior depending on number of services booked. DDS is very strict on this policy. Your commitment to your appointment is another person’s means of payment and your time slot is held and those desiring that slot are being turned away! Guest are required to give us the 24-48 hour cancellation notice to allow us the opportunity to refill those now vacant slots.

Day of Service & Arrival

  • Hot Springs is an amazing town, Full of events and excitement! DDS is centrally located and nestled between the downtown area and the lake area. We are off the main road in Hot Springs, Central Avenue. This is the most used and busiest road in Hot Springs. We ask guest to keep this in mind while traveling to DDS. Even if your navigational system says you are 5 miles out. Please allow yourself ampule time for any congestion along that path. We suggest using Pakis Street to enter into Cornerstone Shopping center (This road runs in front of Outback Steak House / Cracker Barrel. Our other entrance is turning between I-Hop and Chick-Fll-a – this entrance is known to be more congested and trying during restaurant hours.
  • We ask guest to arrive 15-20 min prior to booked service starting time on/with
Weekend Holiday Groups of 3 or more Multi – services
Spa Packages
  • We ask guest with single services to arrive 10-15 min prior to booked service ***** ANY AND ALL LATE ARRIVALS******your treatment will be modified to fit the remaining time- Even if you call to inform us you are running behind. If you miss a booked treatment time completely because of late arrival – We will try to accommodate / modify booking but chances are, you will lose that service and still see charges.
What can be expected upon arrival?

1) Check in with booking specialist at front counter – if you have ANY questions about your spa day now is a great time to ask it. 2) You will be taken to designated waiting area in accordance to booking.
3) You will be shown restrooms and water – encourage guest to use as needed prior to pick up.
4) You will be asked to turn cell phone to silent or off.
5) You may receive new client intake form (if not a verbal consultation will be taken with service specialist) Just hold on to the intake paper, if given, service specialist will retrieve and file it.
6) Start the relaxation process. Take some nice deep breaths and begin to unwind.
7) Your service specialist should be with you shortly.
8) If you have any questions prior to pick up- please visit the front counter space and visit with booking specialist.

What to Expect at Checkout

  1. Booking specialist will ask whom you are. If you are with another/others ask whom is on your ticket?
  2. They will ask about your experience. Feedback is always appreciated. We are trusting you communicated with specialist as asked and we expect you had a great experience!
  3. They will go over services received and charges.
  4. All payments/ even prepaid will give you opportunity to express your appreciation of service(s) received by gratuity. Most ask what a customary gratuity would be – it is similar to that given for fine dining - in the range of 15 - 20%. But all gratuities are appreciated.
  5. The front will give you a credit card receipt or ask cash payers if they desire a receipt.

What can be Expected in Massage & Body Services

1) Specialist will take intake form or they will do verbal consult – asking some questions to ensure your expectations of visit. Health-? Reason for visit? Seeking: relaxation-or pain relief? Problem areas? Etc…. If you have questions – ASK.
2) After specialist steps out of room – undress to comfort level. You will be instructed to lie on the table and cover/ drape yourself with sheet(If you are cold natured – you can request a blanket and ask if table warmer on table can be turned to higher setting) 3) You will remain draped at all times and there will never be a time you are exposed. Specialist will undrape extremities for massage and drape back when finished. 4) Some specialist may incorporate stretches – if you do not desire to be stretched – you will want to make this known during intake/ verbal consultation 5) We ask guest to communicate throughout service- Pressure, comfort, room temperature, sometimes communication is key to a wonderful experience and we desire to exceed your expectations. If you choose not to communicate we would feel you are in your happy blissful state and we are accomplishing great works!
6) The specialist will instruct you at end of service in accordance to booking(s). We understand and hope by this time you are relaxed and trying to gather your consciousness but ask guest to exit room in timely manner. There is a good possibility the room is booked right after you. If the room is needed, we would give a friendly knock to encourage a faster pace. After first knock, we would allow a few minutes,
knock again and enter room to make sure you are ok.
7) Feel free to visit the restroom before leaving.
8) Don’t forget to increase your water intake too!

What is the Protocol for Hydro-Baths

  • Baths are strategically booked- we ask guest to follow each protocol as instructed to ensure full duration of service/ all services. Late departures may see additional charges.
  • Baths are intended for 1 or 2 persons.
  • Minerals and salts are added to bath prior by spa attendant (bath bombs can be purchased from lobby and added by you)
  • It is a private service – therefore swimsuits are not required.
  • The bath time is set between 20-25 minutes (bath time may vary for late arrivals)
  • If you have multiple services – you will be instructed to place personal belongings & clothing in a crate (which specialist will carry for you) and your belongings will go where you go.
  • Clients can add water for desired temperature.
  • Clients can control jets (important to know if water needs to be drained or water level goes below jet line)
  • When jets go off automatically- you know bathing service is over- please begin to drain tub.
  • Towel is provided to dry off – just leave towel in floor when finished.
  • If you have services that follow bath – you will be provided a wrap & Flip flops- ladies wrap attaches above chest and hangs – gentleman wrap attaches along waist and hangs. If additional coverage (Full Robe) is desired – please let booking specialist know at booking or spa attendant know day of.
  • You will want to open bath door promptly as your next service time is in accordance to the 20-25 min timed scheduled bath (any prolonged time will reflect in next service time).
  • One courtesy knock will let you know your allotted time in bath area is expiring and you will be losing precious minutes on your next service.
  • If you finish with hydro bath, please still remain mindful of other guest. Preparing the bath for the next guest does require extra time and preparation – if a second knock is needed to encourage faster movement – DDS will give guest 1 minute to respond by opening door later actions by client will see charges of $1.50 per minute (this is what it will cost spa to reimburse next scheduled guest).

When is a wrap/ robe provided / do I need a Wrap/ Robe?
Life seems to be getting back to a normal - Well, kinda! – During Covid DDS occupied some square footage intended and previously used as guest seating or treatment space. The space was better utilized for service space than for waiting space for guest due to the 6 feet apart regulation. Even with DDS 2021 expansion we find it better suited for respect of client’s modesty to keep guest in clothed attire when possible. So, we do not use wraps and robes unless needed.
  • DDS will provide wraps/ robes for guest with multiple services when they are changing service rooms.
  • Salt room visits do not require a wrap/robe (if wrap/robe is desired please inform booking specialist when booking- strategic booking will be required) The salt room is semi-private space and respecting your modesty is important to us.
  • DDS will evaluate bookings and scheduling to determine when wraps/robes can be/should be used/offered

What Should I do After Destinations Day Spa Experience

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