All of Destinations services are strategically booked and we ask guests to follow each protocol as instructed to ensure full duration of service/ all services.

All services are priced per guest/service unless otherwise noted.

Experience Aveda Facial

100% Vegan – Botanically based- Cruelty free

Customized Aveda Experience (Priced per service per guest – so, even with duo /Trio/ Quad services, you can choose different Facial EXPERIENCES) Duration must be the same Aveda Facial Experience - Botanical Kinetics & Tulasara

Each individual skin concern will be addressed with personalized products in combination with the best

Spa and Beauty Products

Aveda Touch


Aveda Stress Fix

Relax touch with organic aroma of lavender,lavandin, and clary sage to deepen relaxation

25 Min $64 Single | $69 Duo
$71 Trio | $73 Quad
50 Min $89 Single | $94 Duo
$96 Trio | $98 Quad
75 Min $125 Single | $130 Duo
$132 Trio | $134 Quad
Back Massage

Aveda Balanced Touch

Relax touch with the traditional system of Ayurveda Chakra Balancing using Blended Aromas, Pure-Fume™ mist, that was selected by your Charka reading will be added to enhance and balance your experience.

25 Min $69 Single | $74 Duo | $76 Trio | $78 Quad
50 Min $94 Single | $99 Duo
$102 Trio | $104 Quad
75 Min $140 Single | $145 Duo
$147 Trio | $149 Quad
Beauty Product

Aveda Body Ritual

Dry Brushing and oil ritual application

50 Min $89 Single | $94 Duo
$96 Trio  | $98 Quad
Beauty Care

Aveda Foot Ritual

Moisturizing, exfoliating, and invigorating. (Fruit acids, jojoba, peppermint & tea tree oil)

25 Min $55 Single | $60 Duo
$62 Trio | $78 Quad
50 Min $80 Single | $85 Duo
$87 Trio  | $89 Quad
75 Min $120 Single | $125 Duo
$127 Trio | $129 Quad

Aveda Packages

Experience Aveda Hair

Which Stylist level is right for you?

We want your visit to be even more than you expected. Therefore we have a pricing structure that reflects our stylists experience and advanced education. Our staff educators, experience directors and master stylists rigorously uphold the standard for each level so that each service is of the utmost quality


Our highest level, Educator Artist is a service provider with exceptional skill at their craft and passionate about continuing education. With years of experience, extensive training, and many thousands of hours behind the salon chair, they are truly the best- of-the-best. Many of these professionals are active educators in our salons, as well as regional educators, bringing their expertise to hairdressers at every level of the industry.


These well-educated & experienced professionals typically have 5 or more years of experience. Master Artist have met Destinations’ requirements for specific, advanced cutting and color classes, and have demonstrated their expertise and proficiency. Their commitment to ongoing education keeps them at the forefront of new techniques and trends.


Carefully selected for their technical skills and professionalism, Advanced Artist have successfully completed Destinations’ advanced training program and typically have from 1 to 5 years of experience. Advanced education is a constant theme as these hairdressers continue to be their best.


Many salon guests are looking for excellent service and style at a budget- minded price. While our New Artist are gaining the experience they need, you will receive upscale salon service at a smaller cost than our more experienced stylists. We invite you to refer people you know to our talented New Artist as they continue to develop their skills and reach their potential.


Women's Haircuts

All Haircuts Include Finishing Blowout

Educator  $85+
Master Artist  $65+
Advanced Artist  $45
New Artist  $30+

men's Haircuts

Educator  $60+
Master Artist  $40+
Advanced Artist  $30+
New Artist  $20+


Educator  $70+
Master Artist  $50+
Advanced Artist  $30+
New Artist  $20+


Educator  $55+
Master Artist  $50+
Advanced Artist  $45+
New Artist  $25+


Botanical Repair Treatment  $25 

Botanical Repair Treatment ( Style Included) $45 

Botanical Dry/Damage Remedy Treatment $15 

Botanical Dry/Damage Remedy Treatment (Style Included) $35


Vibrant, Fade Resistant
Color That Improves Your Hair

Customized color up to 96% naturally derived and essentially damage-free.

Want vibrant, fade-resistant color that improves the condition of every strand? Aveda full spectrum™ hair color has you covered.  From permanent hair color services to glossing services, it’s hair color customized just for you for personalized results every time.


At Destinations, we don't just care about the final look, but the overall health and shine of your hair.


This term refers to lightening certain parts of the hair so that it is lighter than the hair it lays against. This adds contrast and dimension. It's not just blondes who benefit from this technique, but any hair color can achieve this look. There are many types of highlighting technique that determine the size of the highlights, the level of contrast, tone as well as how they are placed. With so many options, pricing can vary and you and your stylist can come up with a good plan to fit your needs & budget.

Partial (Half head) Highlights

This placement is concentrated on the crown of
the head and are usually placed around the face for a framing or brightening effect.

Full Highlights

This placement consists of the not only the crown, but the full head including the back.

All Over & Retouch Color


This means just to color just the new growth to match the existing color on the midshaft/ends of your hair.

Retouch + Color Balance (All Over Color)

This refers to an all-over
application of the color from new growth to ends.

Color Pricing