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Saturday Menu

To better serve our guest, we have created an exclusive menu for the Spa’s most popular day. With over
16+ years of experience, we have used the knowledge and past request to formulate the best combinations of service(s) adding the attentiveness, you the guest, deserves!


Prices are indicated per guest per service. If you desire a side by side service with someone but want different services – not a problem - Most services can be a shared experience! Just ask!

Relaxing Bath
$35 Single & Duo

Hydro Bath

Jetted whirlpool bath with minerals & salts added to calm mind & body.

20 Minutes

25 Minutes $30 Per Person

Halo Salt Session

100% natural. Salt therapy is method of inhaling pure, dry, micronized salt air
particles. These particles reach the deepest area of the lungs absorbing bacteria and pollutants and providing an anti-inflammatory and cleansing effect.

30 Minutes $30 Per Person

Oxygen Bar

Come experience the wonderful benefits  oxygen provides:

-Increase energy levels
-Improve mood
-Improve concentration
-Improve sports performance
-Reduce stress
-Provides relief for headache, migraine, and hangovers

-Promote better sleep
-Improves digestion and cell metabolism
-Calms your mind and nervous system
-Promotes healing and counters aging



Massage Touch improves circulation, energy, and alertness. It helps reduce pain, muscle soreness and tension. It aids in lowering heart rate and blood pressure. It boost the immune function and benefits emotionally.

At destinations, we desire to meet each guest expectations. In order to accomplish this, we must have an explorative communication time of booking. Destinations has a wide array of specialized talents and we desire to pair you with the specialist/ talent who meets your needs the best.


Aromatherapy - Essential oils added throughout experience to aid in soothing muscle tension and relaxation
CBD – THC FREE hemp plant additive to enhance relief, body repair, and heighten relaxation
Infrared - Massage including benefits of InfraRed light: Natural Pain Relief – Blood Circulation- Skin Anti-Aging & Health
Soy Candle Drip Massage Oil- Scented, warming, and invigorating relaxation


All facials include facial cleanse, exfoliation, toner, mask and moisturizer. You can enhance your experience and customize your facial to meet your desired needs.

Featured products used in facials below:

skin script.png
farmhouse fresh.png


Enhancements for Facial Experiences:

We Can Use Products on Back & Neck Area if Desired

Anti-Aging Boost

Infusing power antioxidants for maturing skin.


Illuminate Boost

Lemon Lightening serum for brightening skin.


Sensitive Skin

Facial Nectar nourishing herbal oil for calming skin.


Acne Skin

Lychee Willow, Pomegranate Acai Serum for a clearer complexion.






Full Leg














Saturday Combos

Spa Day
$115 Single | $120 Duo Per Guest

Happy Day Package

Choose 2:

Relax Touch – Intro Facial – Foot Ritual – Scalp Touch –  Foot Massage

50 Minutes

Summer Pool Party
$215 Single | $220 Duo Per Person

Weekend Therapy Package

Choose 2:

Relax Touch – Signature Facial – Foot Ritual – Scalp Touch – Foot Massage

100 Minutes