Monday-Friday Treatments

All of Destinations services are strategically booked and we ask guests to follow each protocol as instructed to ensure full duration of service/ all services.

All services are priced per guest/service unless otherwise noted.

Suggested Enhanced Experiences:
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Weekday Combos

Customize and Create your very own EXPERIENCE. All services are time based and allow you to choose what you desire!

Pre-Designed Experiences

Only Available Monday-Friday


Clear or Bronzed:

Both have the same active ingredients, both fully develop 24 hours after received, the only difference is bronze gives you an instant color until you shower & by then, tan is developed/developing to a beautiful customized color that matches your skin tone.


Purchase one of DDS retail Canned Tan($30+) and receive FIRST spray tan of choice for
free. This allows touch-ups to any areas that may not have developed as desired & provides many
applications after

tan couple

Color Options:

Light – Medium – Dark - $20

Double Dip $25

All work in accordance to your natural skin color.

Model in Bikini

3 months of Weekly Spray Tan

(1 per week) $140

Woman by the Sea


Prep – PH balances skin for a more even tan $5

Moist- Adds and seals in moisture to extend tan results (does have a slight sticky texture) $5


All facials include facial cleanse, exfoliation, toner, mask and moisturizer. You can enhance your experience and customize your facial to meet your desired needs.

Featured products used in facials below:

skin script.png
farmhouse fresh.png

specialized facials

Before and After

Dermaplane Express

Dermaplane on-the-go express facial.

Professional Facial

Derma Glow

Dermaplane/resurfacing facial experience.

medical grade facials


Hair must be at least 1/4 inch long. For best results waxing should be 5 weeks apart consistently. Avoid lakes, hot tubs, swimming pools, friction, and direct sunlight for 48 house after treatment to avoid any unwanted bacteria or irritations. Start exfoliation 24 hours after visit of larger waxed areas, if skin has healed.
Let your specialist know if you are using Retinol or Accutane, these products can cause lifting of skin. Waxing for Male and Female.



Lash & Brow

Lash Services

Belmacil Lash Tint  | $30
Elieebana Lash Lift  | $69 
Tint & Lift  | $85

Brow Services

Belmacil Brow Tint  | $25
Lamination  | $69 
Lamination & Tint  | $80

Vomor Lash Extensions

These fan lashes are light weight, comfortable, and enhances your natural lash appeal. Create natural-looking results with our three signature looks:

Box of Lashes | $100 (will provide 1st full set and 1-2 refills )
Lash Application Each Visit | $60 (60-90 min)

**  No mascara encouraged** But if you wear mascara, it must be oil-free

Refills are suggested 3 weeks apart

Enhance the duration of your investment by adding Aveda Pure Comfort eye makeup remover to your routine:  $25